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I am so happy you are here! My Name is Robin Zupokfska and I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the owner of RZ’s Natural Wellness. As a Fibromyalgia & Chronic Lyme Disease Survivor, I know first hand how debilitating life can be living with these conditions.  As a Nutrition & Wellness Coach,  I help my clients obtain complete balance in their lives, so that they may begin to live a happy and  healthy life free of  pain, sickness  and deprivation.




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I really enjoyed the 4 week Kick-Ass Body Mind Spirit Transformation Program! This program was just what I needed to get past a weight loss stall that I had been at for months!!! During these past 4 weeks my scale has finally started moving in the downward direction again and I have dropped a pant size as well:) Thank you Robin for all the insight, recipes, tips and support to help me get back on track. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to be successful while they embark on the journey to becoming a healthier you.

          Colleen Laliberte 4/6/2018


If you are seriously looking for a meaningful program with a coach who supports your journey this program is for you! I enjoyed all of the helpful healthful tips that came to me almost daily, as it encompasses a wide range of topics to help you along the way. I’m sorry that it is over, but it was most certainly a worthwhile experience and I would recommend anyone to give it a try!

Kimberly Proulx 4/6/18


Just finished the 4 week Kick-Ass Body Mind Spirit Transformation Program and loved it!!! I want to continue on with this program as it has helped me tremendously find balance in my life. I look forward to getting more of the great recipes, self-care tips and nutritional information as well as the accountability and motivational support from Coach Robin. If you are interested in this program you won’t be disappointed.

Dorothy Cohen 4/6/2018


I just finished the 4 week Kick-Ass Body Mind Spirit Transformation Program. The first couple weeks were hard for me but by the 3rd week I was seeing that I was changing the way I snack, eating healthier, and eating less. I took me a while to get my mind and body into the change but it was totally worth it. I’m excited to continue with this journey with Coach Robin! If you want to become healthier all around this is a great program. Don’t give up its worth the change!!

Kayla Simpson 4/7/18


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